Best Way to Practice Basketball By Yourself

Best Way to Practice Basketball By Yourself

Basketball is a sport that has been around for a long time, and the culture of the game is being constantly passed down from one generation to the next.

We can see people playing basketball almost everywhere, from the TV, in schools, on the street, and more. It’s quite a beautiful experience to watch professional players handle the ball with such mastery, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It is possible to become the next professional league baller. All you need to do is keep practicing because practice will improve your skill. We’ll be discussing the best way to practice basketball by yourself with optimal results!

Practicing Basketball By Yourself

When we play basketball, we’re usually facing off against another team in a friendly game or competition. While playing basketball in teams is a great way to improve your performance, it won’t necessarily help you sharpen your skills.

The best way to improve your basketball skill is by training by yourself. Self-training is a fundamental part of improving your performance because it will help you master the basics.

Playing with friends is not a bad idea; however, what you learn on your own will reflect how productive you will be on a team. If you don’t want to be that player that drags everybody down, the relevance of personal training cannot be overlooked.

Playing basketball alone doesn’t sound as fun as playing with your friends, which can be very discouraging. So, we’ll share some tips with you to make your solo playing more worthwhile!

Best Way to Practice Basketball By Yourself

Build the Will

The most challenging part about practicing by yourself is building the motivation to continue. Personal training involves the constant repetition of different drills, a lot of running around, and doing the same thing over and over until you have a good understanding and execution of the move. All of this can be very boring or tiring, which can lead to low levels of motivation.

Many people give up a few days into the training session, and this is due to the reasons we mentioned above. That is why you need to be mentally prepared before you start any form of personal training.

Before you start, you need to realize that this journey of self-improvement you’re about to begin is not going to be easy, and you will need a lot of passion and endurance. However, with this determination to continue and constant practice, you will start seeing improvements in your performance.

Make Time

One of the easiest excuses people give for avoiding personal training sessions is time. It is common to use the absence of time as an excuse to avoid having to stress ourselves out. However, if you want to grow personally, you need to make time.

One mistake people make is creating training time schedules they can’t keep up with. It is not uncommon for people to set unrealistic training periods out of enthusiasm to start. However, it will only lead to them getting overwhelmed and eventually giving up.

Also, others don’t set any time to practice and just do it whenever they feel the urge to pick up the ball, which will not facilitate growth.

You need to pick designated periods of time for training and ensure that the time you pick really works for you. Remember that you don’t need to pick extra long hours or days. Instead, the point is to make a schedule that you can follow consistently without breaking a stride.

Find a Good Location

Location is the next important part of practicing by yourself. Basketball is a sport that involves a lot of movement and space, so make sure that you have an adequate place to practice.

You need to find a big enough place for you to move around with the ball. Although it’s certainly not a bad choice, the location doesn’t need to be as big as a standard court. The location can be your backyard or in a parking lot.

Also, the location can vary depending on what type of drill you’re trying to improve on. For example, you need a basketball hoop if you plan on doing shooting drills. For dribbling, you will need space or a small location for close dribbling.

Ensure that you find a location that will satisfy all the conditions required for the drill you’re carrying out.

Get the Right Gear

Once you’ve made up your mind and set your schedule and location, the next step is to get the gear you need. Basketball is a physical sport, which means that it is easy for you to get injured if you’re not properly equipped.

You need comfortable shoes, socks, knee brace, jerseys, and more. You also need to have a ball that will work well for you, and the type of ball will depend on the type of court you’re training in. To make things simpler, you can go for a rubber or composite ball that can be played on most surfaces.

The clothes you will wear should be comfortable and help you move around freely. It is advisable to go for shorts and preferably an armless jersey.

Set a Warm Up Routine

Before starting any of your training sessions, you have to do warm up exercises. The exercises can be light basketball drills to warm up your body and prepare it for the tiring routine ahead.

You should also do some stretching because it will help your muscles and joints get in motion and reduce the risk of getting injured during training or after.

Best Way to Practice Basketball By Yourself

Know Your Weaknesses

People often start personal training without making any prior plans and, most times, it seems like it is not working. If you want to see results from your training sessions, you need to know exactly what you’re training first.

Don’t just start training blindly. Instead, make a list of the skills you’re lacking on a scale of importance or difficulty, and then work with that list.

When you’ve perfected the skills on that list, you can go ahead and create a new list with different skills.

Keep Up with Your Training Schedule

This is perhaps the most important point of all. We’ve all heard the phrase “practice makes perfect,” and we’re here to tell you that it’s true. It will be pointless if you start practicing basketball by yourself and stop before you can even master what you need to know.

Consistency is the best way to practice basketball by yourself and, over time, you should see a big improvement in your performance and confidence!

Some Fundamentals of Basketball

There are some skills in basketball that every player must know. You can refer to these as the basics of the game and that’s what we’re going to cover now.

Ball Handling

Ball handling refers to moving the ball, whether that’s dribbling, controlling, or getting past opponents.

You need to practice drills that will help you improve your ball handling. You can start by bouncing the ball repeatedly from one hand to the other. Next, try bouncing the ball in motion.

You can also set up cones and try to move around the cones with the ball until you can successfully move naturally with the ball.


You will need a hoop to practice this skill, preferably one with a backboard. Practicing shooting is going to help you score points for your team, and you will have the confidence to score irrespective of what position you’re playing.

When shooting, here’s what you need to know:

  • Plant your feet properly
  • Fold your arms
  • Ensure your elbow is in line with the basket
  • Follow through on the release
  • Try to make consecutive baskets without touching the rim
  • Keep trying until you can make 30 shots in a row


Passing is an important part of playing with a team. If you don’t know how to pass, your team will suffer.

You can practice passing by yourself with a wall and tape. Use the tape to mark targets on the wall and pass to the marked area.

Run this drill with different variations, and you can also use cones to simulate opponents.


Learning how to play basketball takes a tremendous amount of exercise and commitment. There are always new things to learn, but remember that professional basketball players never stop training.

You’ve seen the best way to learn basketball by yourself, now all you need to do is get into it and start practicing. You should start by making a list of the important skills you still need to master, such as ball handling, passing, and shooting.

Don’t try to start learning complex movements and dribbles until you’ve fully mastered the basics. Also, you need to keep practicing if you want to see changes in your game, and improvement is the result of consistency!

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