Effective Equipment Needed For Basketball Training

Effective Equipment Needed For Basketball Training

Most professional players dominating the world of basketball started playing the game when they were kids. Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of mastery over the ball with good handling, and this doesn’t come overnight.

Practice is a key part of getting better at anything, basketball is no exception. Professional players are a good example. Constant training will help you master skills to the point where you can execute them without thinking!

Important Equipment Needed for Training

While consistent training is important, you do need the correct training equipment to assist you. Training equipment will help you make the best out of your training, which is why we want to share with you the equipment needed for basketball training!


The first and most important piece of equipment needed for basketball training is your basketball. The ball is what makes the game, and you need a good ball if you’re going to have a great training session.

Getting a good basketball is not as simple as it sounds because basketballs are not as simple as they look. Different brands make different basketballs, and some have unique designs.

Basketballs also differ in the type of materials used to make their skin, which is another main differentiating factor. You can get a rubber ball, leather ball, or composite ball.

The rubber ball is the toughest type because the skin is made with rubber. It can also bounce properly on rough surfaces, such as your backyard pavement. The rubber ball is also a good choice for training, especially beginners, because it has a coarse surface and is easy to handle and dribble.

The leather ball is more advanced, which is why professional players tend to use it. Leather balls are better suited for indoor courts with hardwood floors, and they have panels for improved handling. It will require a degree of mastery to handle a leather ball properly, so we don’t recommend it for a beginner.

The best choice would be the composite ball as it falls between the rubber and leather ball. The composite ball is designed with features of the rubber ball and the leather ball, and you can play it on both indoor and outdoor courts. Professional and intermediate basketball players use composite balls to train.

Effective Equipment Needed For Basketball Training

Dribble Goggles

Dribble goggles are an innovative pair of goggles that will help you improve your dribbling skill and awareness.

A common flaw when we’re learning to play basketball is our eye positioning. In reality, your eyes shouldn’t be on the ball the entire time.

Professional players have mastered the art of dribbling the ball without looking at it, which is a result of constant practice.

The dribbling goggles are specially created in a way that makes it difficult to look down. They have a thick lower frame to block your eyesight below. The aim of wearing the goggles is to train you to play without looking at the ball.

Training with the dribble goggles will build your awareness of the ball and your confidence when dribbling. Next time you’re in a game, you will be able to look the opponent in the eyes and still pull off your dribbles.

The dribble goggles will also build your passing skills because you can look up more frequently and see the position of your teammates on the court.

Ball Hog Gloves

The ball hog gloves look like bike gloves, but they are specially designed to improve your control over the ball.

In basketball, one of the basic skills you can’t do without is controlling the ball and moving comfortably without losing the ball. The ball hog gloves are designed to make controlling the ball difficult.

Players constantly train with the hog gloves because if you can easily control the ball with the gloves on, it will be much easier to control the ball without the gloves. The gloves will help you hold the ball better and move easily during real games with good ball control.

Weighted Basketball Trainer

A weighted basketball trainer is a special type of basketball designed to weigh more than a regular basketball. The weighted basketball can weigh up to 3 pounds, but the weight can vary depending on the brand.

Training with a weighted ball will make playing with a normal basketball easier. You will already be accustomed to the weight of the training ball, so your movements and ball handling skills will improve.

Weighted balls also help to improve your shooting range and power. If you can master shooting with weighted balls, you will see an improvement when you try it with a regular ball. The regular ball will be lighter, so you will get more power into your shoots and easily throw the ball over a longer range.

The D Man

Sometimes we have to train alone, and it can be inconvenient practicing drills that include simulating opponent defenses.

The d man is a great way to improvise the presence of opponent players, and it is a dummy designed with its arms raised like it’s blocking your shot.

The d man is useful when training for making close-up shots and long-distance shooting when being blocked by an opponent. Also, the d man is helpful when practicing your dribbles.

Generally, if you want to practice any drill that involves going against an opponent, the d man will be very helpful.

Agility Ladder

The legs are one of the most used body parts in basketball, so your legs must be well-developed to have an advantage. There are different agility drills aimed at developing the lower bodies of basketballers, and the agility ladder is one such tool that you can use.

The agility ladder not only builds your legs but can also be used to develop your footwork. Footwork refers to leg skills and movements used to throw the opponent off balance, and the agility ladder makes it possible for you to practice all kinds of footwork combinations!

Weighted Speed Vest

Speed is a big advantage in basketball. The weighted vests are designed to help you build speed against other players.

The weighted vest is simple – it’s a specially designed vest with extra weights sewn into it. Players normally wear these weighted vests while training so, after a while, you get used to the extra weight and can play comfortably. When you take off the vest and play normally, you will notice that your speed has increased and you can accelerate even faster than before.

Effective Equipment Needed For Basketball Training

Jump Rope

Like we mentioned before, your legs are the foundation on which you play basketball, so your legs must be strong.

One of the ways players build strength in their legs is by using jump ropes. Constantly jumping over the rope will help build your legs and ensure that your muscles are stretched.

Elevation Training Mask

Apart from skill and mastery of the ball, stamina is another important factor that determines how well a player is. Having enough stamina throughout the game will give you an advantage over other players.

Elevation masks are equipment designed to improve the stamina and breathing capacity of the player. Elevation masks are designed to reproduce the breathing situation in areas with high altitudes.

If players can learn to play for long periods while wearing this mask, it will be easier to play within the stipulated time. As breathing becomes easier with the mask, you should be able to play longer without feeling out of breath.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are tough elastic bands that players tie around their waist and run as far out as possible. These will help you improve your speed and speed is important when pulling off difficult dribbles.

Resistance bands are designed to build the explosive power of players and increase their acceleration.

Agility Hurdles

This is another piece of equipment needed for basketball training, and it is aimed at developing the legs of the player. The hurdles require trainees to get their feet off the ground quickly.


Powerhandz are a pair of gloves similar to ball hog gloves. These gloves are made with extra weight and have an anti-friction surface.

The gloves are designed to improve the basketball player’s grip and handling. The anti-friction surface makes it hard to hold the ball and the weight makes it harder to shoot.


Basketball is a skill-intensive game, and professional players put in a lot of hard work and training to ensure that they stay in shape and improve. Training your basketball skills will be faster and more effective if you make use of some equipment in addition to your normal routine.

Several different types of equipment are needed for basketball training, and we’ve gone over the most crucial ones. These tools are even used by basketball coaches to improve the performance of their players!

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