Learn How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

Learn How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

Basketball is an exciting sport that has captured the hearts of many around the world. Basketball combines the use of your hands and legs, and it requires a high level of mastery and power. 

Basketball is fun when there are official games, and several side attractions make the game even more captivating. These attractions include tricks and skills that show mastery over the ball.

One of the common tricks people want to know is how to spin a basketball. We’re going to tell you all you need to know in order to spin a basketball on your finger!

How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger 

If you’ve been trying to spin your basketball with little or no improvement, it means you’re doing something wrong. However, don’t give up just yet, keep practicing with the tutorial below!

Where to Begin

One mistake people make, especially beginners, is that they rush off to get a basketball and immediately start trying to spin it. Doing this will not help because you should know some minor details first.

Choosing a Ball

Most times, we rush off to get a new ball to learn this trick because we want to do it right. However, getting a new ball to practice your spin isn’t the best option. 

Old and worn-down balls are the best option for beginners or anybody learning to spin. One key factor that comes into play when spinning the ball is friction because friction and motion are what allows the ball to stay on your finger.

For friction, the rougher the surface, the higher the friction. The grooves of a new basketball are still smooth, so it can be difficult for an inexperienced finger to handle it properly.

However, an old basketball already has the grooves worn down, which will make it easier for your finger to hold the ball.

Check Your Nails

This is a factor that most people tend to overlook, and it happens to be why the majority have not succeeded in spinning the ball.

Long nails make it difficult to spin the ball. First, your nails aren’t strong enough to properly support the ball’s weight, and you may even end up cracking or breaking your nail.

Also, the surface of your nail in contact with the ball is too small, and it will make it even more difficult for the ball to balance. 

We’re not saying it’s impossible to spin a basketball with long nails, but it will make it more challenging for a beginner.


Spinning a basketball on one finger isn’t easy. The ball will feel heavy, so you need to warm up your fingers and wrist beforehand.

You can stretch and flex your fingers, wrist, and arm before you start spinning the ball.

Learning the Toss

After you’ve gotten a ball that suits your need, trimmed your nail, and warmed up your body, we can now proceed to the next thing, the toss. 

The toss is necessary to give the ball the initial rotation it needs to keep the spin going, and it also allows you to position your finger under the ball. Let’s see how you can get the perfect toss!

Locate the Grooves 

The grooves are those black lines that run around the length of the ball. These lines meet at a particular point, and it’s at this point that you want to place your spinning finger. 

Placing your finger at the point where the grooves meet allows the ball to balance better and will make your spin look more professional.  

Figure Out Which Hand to Use

The next thing is flipping the ball and how to do it. You can toss the ball into the air with both hands, or you can use one hand. 

For beginners, we recommend tossing the ball with two hands because this will give you more control. Plus, you can throw the ball in a way that will make it land where the grooves meet.

Position Your Elbow

The way you position your elbow is essential because it will serve as the foundation for your arm. Your elbow should be placed slightly above your hip and pointed out. 

Raise your elbow enough for the ball to reach your face level.

Handling the Ball

When holding the ball, ensure you do it with your dominant hand. It will be easier to master spinning the ball with the hand you use more often. 

Also, you should hold the ball with the tip of your fingers, don’t allow the ball to rest on your palm. 

Position Your Palm and Other Hand 

Once you’ve placed the ball properly on your fingertips, turn your palm so that your fingertips are facing your body.

Learn How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

Next, place your weak hand on the side of the ball. You will need to use your hand when you toss the ball.

Tossing the Ball

Once you’ve gotten the grip of the ball and positioned your elbow correctly, you can now toss the ball.

When tossing the ball, you need to add a spin to it, and that’s where your weak hand comes in. You should toss the ball up with your strong hand and, at the same time, use the other hand’s fingers to make it spin.

Keep making this move over and over until you can successfully toss the ball and add a nice spin to it!

The Spin

Once you’ve gotten the toss, the next step is catching the ball on your finger and keeping the spin going.

Catching the Ball

You should use a finger on your dominant hand to catch the ball, preferably your index finger. However, it’s not compulsory to use your index finger.

Position Your Finger

We mentioned earlier that you should catch the ball in the middle where the grooves meet. It will be easier to balance the ball at the meeting point of the grooves, and it will make it easier to spin. 

Also, once you toss the ball, you need to move your finger to meet up with it. Let your fingertip meet up with the ball and then move it slightly down upon impact to produce a cushion effect. 

Keep It Spinning

Once the ball has landed on your fingertip, rotate your finger slightly in the same direction as the ball. You can now slap the ball lightly with your other hand to keep it in motion.


Learning how to spin a basketball on your finger isn’t too difficult, all you need is the proper technique and practice. It’s also helpful if you’re familiar with the basics of a basketball. If you follow our steps, you’ll be spinning your basketball in no time!

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