5 Best Men’s Basketball Shoes Under 100

5 Best Men’s Basketball Shoes Under 100

So, your last pair of basketball shoes has lost all its traction, and you’re on a budget. Don’t worry, there are great shoes within your budget out there that will still serve you great!

These shoes can also be a great backup option or ones that you strictly reserve for basketball practice as you should save your expensive shoes for important games. We’ve made a list of five high-quality basketball shoes under $100 for you to choose from!

1. adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Sneaker

Adidas 2.0 Mid Sneakers were created by Adidas Essentials, an Adidas sub-brand dedicated to making affordable sneakers for men between the ages of 14 and 19. These shoes aren’t only useful at the basketball court, but they are great for everyday wear. You can pair the sneakers with everyday wear, including jeans, joggers, and shorts.

The sneakers measure from mid-top to arch and have a breathable mesh color that allows your feet to breathe, reducing the chances of stinky feet. They come with a synthetic leather upper for style, comfort, and durability and the three classic Adidas line branding on the sides. The synthetic leather is flexible and will mold to your feet.

The inside of the shoe is light and features a comfy EVA sock liner for impact support and comfort as you walk. The liners and the outer rubber sole make these sneakers great for long walks. You can find this pair of shoes in all different colors, depending on your taste. The outer sole is a cupsole to provide excellent grip.


  • Pairs well with everyday wear
  • Basketball-inspired design
  • Airy EVA sock liner for comfort
  • Breathable mesh ankle collar
  • Durable synthetic leather make


  • Not good for wider feet

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This is the perfect shoe for teenage basketball enthusiasts. They can use the sneaker both on the court and for everyday wear. They’re affordable, durable, and made for comfort even on long walks.

2. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour makes everyday shoes with longevity in mind. The Lockdown 5 sneaker has a basketball design that makes it possible to wear daily in most terrains without worrying about extreme wear and tear.

The sneakers upper is made of synthetic leather with overlays of meshy sections for breathability. These engineered perforations are a great way to prevent stinky and sweaty feet. This feature is also reinforced with comfy EVA insoles and anti-odor tech.

The outer sole promotes comfortable, frequent wearing. This sole is made of rubber, decorated with a herringbone traction pattern allowing for a good grip as you go about your day or move around the court.

When it comes to comfort, Under Armour has included a TPU film toe cap to ensure your toes aren’t getting too banged up every time you hit a stone or bump into things while walking. The sneaker also comes with a pull heel tab to allow you to wear your shoe comfortably.


  • Perforated mesh for breathability
  • Suitable for comfortable everyday wear
  • Useful pull heel tab makes them easy to put on
  • Herringbone rubber sole for durability and grip


  • Might be uncomfortable for people with wider feet
  • Less impact protection

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If you’re looking for a trendy yet functional basketball sneaker to match your casual clothes or you’re going to school, then Under Armour’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe is a good choice for you. Its anti-odor design protects you from stinky feet even when you wear them frequently!

3. adidas Men’s Dame 5

These Adidas Men’s Dame 5 were designed in partnership with Damien Lillard. The shoe is characterized by its lightweight, comfortable feel and herringbone outsole. When it comes to aesthetics, the shoe is made of meshy synthetic suede. The mesh takes care of durability, and, frankly, gives it a more stylish look.

Inside is a bounce, lightweight cushioning with an included TPU panel on the lateral side to keep you stable as you run, jog, and walk on the court. The cushioning also absorbs the impact from court activities so that you’re not hurting your knees and ankles.

The outsole comes with a herringbone pattern for traction. The ridges are also spaced so that dust and dirt particles don’t stick to your shoe when playing on outdoor courts. However, this spacing causes the shoe to lose a bit of traction, but it’s still manageable and can be used for outdoor use.

Dame 5 sneakers use the standard design and you get a secure and comfortable fit. Its midfoot banking barrier also offers you freedom as you change pace and direction.


  • Designed for comfort and everyday use
  • Effective on both indoor and outdoor courts
  • Suede-make and stylish design
  • Unique herringbone pattern
  • Designed for those with wide feet


  • Can be slippery on outdoor courts

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We don’t get a lot of shoes meant for wide feet, yet the Dame 5 sneaker has made provisions to make this possible! You can wear these shoes to school or for a trip to the mall and still cruise on the basketball court with them. This isn’t your average shoe because you get comfort, aesthetics, and functionality all in one pair of shoes!

4. PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

 Lou Williams was awarded as the sixth man of the year and has collaborated with PEAK ever since. PEAK Inc has been making shoes since 1989, which means that the company has dedicated its time to researching and designing comfortable, practical sportswear for three decades.

This company’s men’s high-top basketball shoes consist of flying woven and PP film technology to mold to your leg and provide support and comfort. The sneakers’ upper portion is created through a hot-melt process to integrate weaving seamlessly.

The sole is made from ethyl vinyl acetate, a flexible, wear-resistant rubber that makes the shoe suitable for everyday wear in all terrains. The streetball master’s upgraded sole is thick and solid, with deep grooves for solid traction, especially outdoors. The thick rubber also makes the shoe water-resistant.

PEAK included a stabilization module that runs outside the forefoot towards the front of the shoe to ensure ultimate comfort and lateral stability as you change paces or direction on the court. Although made narrow, the shoe leaves a lot of space on the toe box to prevent soreness from tightly fitting shoes.


  • Comfortable, water-resistant sneakers
  • PP film technology
  • Durable wear-resistant rubber soles
  • Stabilization module for lateral support


  • Sizing issues, especially for wider feet

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PEAK has been producing sportswear for more than a decade now, which means that they’ve had the time to develop designs that work for athletes. This sneaker was designed to resist normal wear and tear, and they even come in a variety of sizes and colors!

5. adidas Unisex-Adult D.O.N. Issue 3 Basketball Shoe

The Adidas D.O.N. is a result of Adidas’ collaboration with Donovan Mitchell. This is the third pair from this collaboration, and it features a textile upper with a lace closure. The shoe also comes with gore straps to keep your feet secure as you play in both indoor and outdoor courts.

The shoe has a light strike midsole which makes your feet feel light as you change paces. Although athletes enjoy lightweight midsoles, heavier people experience less impact protection.

The outer rubber sole is thick and has a wide pattern to enhance flexibility and solid traction wherever you go. The shoe is perfect for all-weather, is extremely lightweight, and effectively secures your feet as you move around.


  • Comfortable materials, especially the tongue, midsole, and outer sole
  • Lightweight, airy feel
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor courts
  • Stylish design


  • Light strike cushion isn’t that effective in providing impact support

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The Adidas D.O.N. Basketball Shoe is unisex, which helps explain why it’s so lightweight. The shoe is perfect for running around the court without feeling like you’re getting weighed down by your shoe.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pair of Basketball Shoes

The right pair of shoes is an investment for everyone, but even more for sportsmen and women. Getting a budget shoe doesn’t mean overlooking essential features and functionalities, which is why we’ve laid out the things you should consider before buying a pair of basketball shoes!


Your shoes should be comfortable, and its material will determine your comfort level. Shoes meant for sports, for instance, need to be made from breathable materials, especially the upper part of the shoe, without which your feet will get hot, sweaty, and stinky.

The midsole is also an important aspect when it comes to comfort. Depending on the sport you play and your position on the field, you may need extra padding or something light. Next, make sure that the sole is flexible and that the shoe has good traction.


A shoe’s durability depends on the materials used to make it and how keen the manufacturers are when attaching each part. Some shoes are more suitable for outdoor courts and others for smoother indoor courts. Look for a shoe that’s made to withstand all weather conditions and frequent use.


A good basketball-inspired shoe should grip the court well as you move. Look into the outer sole’s design before purchasing shoes so that you’re not slipping and sliding across the court as you play.


Buying a pair of shoes on a budget doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice how they look. Choose right-colored shoes with excellent outward designs. Remember not to underestimate the importance of laces! Well-placed laces will keep your feet secure so that your feet aren’t slipping out during the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Wear Basketball Shoes For?

Even though basketball-style shoes are usually designed for the basketball court, some can be multifunctional. You can wear these shoes for your errands, like going to school and the gym. These shoes are also perfect options for casual wear, and they’ll look fashionable especially with jeans, shorts, and joggers.

Since the shoes tend to be colorful, it’s best to wear them with a plain, single-colored t-shirt. The ankle support and cushiony midsoles will help keep your feet protected while performing rigorous activities, including basketball practice and working out at the gym.

When Should I Buy Affordable Signature Basketball Shoes?

The best time to buy a signature shoe is when it’s discounted, especially during clearance sales and when the company releases a newer shoe model. Some sportswear companies also reduce shoe prices during significant anniversaries and major celebrations, such as Christmas and Halloween.

What Makes the Best Affordable Basketball Shoes?

The best cheap basketball shoes should have great cushion midsoles and be made of quality material. The shoes will also either have old innersole cushioning technologies or newer EVA foam or light strike. The technology used will largely determine how much they cost.

The upper body might be made of synthetic mesh or artificial rubber. Despite being under $100, these materials should ensure maximum comfort by being breathable, lightweight, and flexible.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best of any product, especially when on a tight budget, can be tough because you have to sort through poor designs, low-quality materials, and less-than-durable products to find your one perfect pair of shoes.

That’s why we’ve narrowed it down for you so that you have a reliable list of quality basketball shoes to choose from within your budget. The best way to pick what’s right for you is to consider your primary need. Consider whether you want a comfortable shoe, good traction, or a beautifully designed shoe.

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