What Shoes Do NBA Players Wear: Find Out Here

What Shoes Do NBA Players Wear

The NBA keeps changing, but some things remain constant. For example, NBA players and fans love cool sneakers. Most sports have restrictions on the outfits you can wear, and sometimes this includes shoes.

The NBA recently revoked all shoe color restrictions, which has led to much excitement and creativity for the players. This article will discuss what NBA players wear and which signature shoes have the best features!

1. Nike Men’s Kyrie 5 x Bandulu Basketball Shoes

The Kyrie 5X is Kyrie Irving and Bandulu’s brainchild. Kyrie Irving is well known for his designer shoes, and the brand Bandula transforms older products into more fashionable pieces. The shoes combine beige, red, and a few cream splotches with the Nike, Kyrie Irving, and Bandulu logos in different positions.

Although these signature sneakers need a bit of a trial run to break in, they are true to size and have enough cushion to protect your feet as you play around doing rebounds or lateral cuts. These are the ideal shoes for a flat footed player, especially because of their efficient impact protection and the Zoom Air Forefoot feature.

Kyrie 5X’s are slightly high on the ankle and will initially feel stiff, but they should soften over time. This should give you midfoot support, and they’re made of engineered mesh, which is known for being a tougher, more durable material.

Designers made these shoes for comfort and added a strap just under the shoelaces to relieve the pressure from the laces as you run around. The sole is a bit slick when you wear it for the first time, but it will develop more of a grip as you use them.

You can enjoy these shoes both on indoor and outdoor courts!


  • True to size
  • Better cushioning than its predecessors
  • Knee and impact protection
  • Excellent traction


  • Need time to break them in
  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Might be hard to put on in the beginning

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Generally, this is a great performer with effective cushioning, fit, and traction. With these shoes, your knees will be better protected, and the Zoom Air Forefoot works well for flat-footed players.

2. Nike Mens Kobe 6 Protro Grinch Cw2190 300

The Grinch became a tribute to Kobe and is almost identical to the shoe he gave away in 2010. This shoe is green, and features polyurethane splotches designed to look like snake skin, perhaps as a tribute to Kobe’s “black mamba” nickname.

The green color is vibrant and features black Nike logos on both sides, and there’s also Kobe’s branding at the shoe’s tongue. Despite being identical to Kobe’s 2010 original, the “Grinch” is a performance retro “protro,” which includes a more comfortable air zoom unit.

When an athlete’s foot touches down, the unit gives and compresses, taking the impact of the drop. The air zoom unit is perfect for athletes that run on their mid and forefeet. The shoe also includes scaled-down traction, a molded heel, and a chiseled sole unit to help athletes reach their intended speeds!


  • Effective cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Court feel
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Sleeker feel and look


  • Limited number of shoes
  • Shoes can be on the expensive end

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We like the all-weather sleek-fit for flat-footed athletes. The shoe color also makes this shoe an excellent statement piece. Overall, this is a true testament to the beauty and functionality of the shoe. We love reminiscing about Kobe’s life with this well-designed shoe!

3. adidas mens Harden Vol 4 Gca

James Harden was quite involved during volume 4’s creation, which definitely shows in the design. The shoes come in a myriad of colors depending on your taste. Unlike previous designs, the Vol 4’s come with light strike cushioning instead of boost. Like it sounds, light strike is lightweight to boost your comfort and dynamic speed.

This colorful shoe also boasts a dynamic traction pattern that ensures exceptional grip. Despite having exceptional grip, the Volume 4’s don’t perform well under dusty conditions because they lose traction.

This pair of shoes was designed with a unique lacing technique to facilitate a secure fit. Add its midfoot band, and you have the stability to change your pace freely on the court. Its low-top design allows for dynamic movement while giving your ankles support.

Aside from the shoes’ interior, the shoe’s upper material is airy, durable, stable, and offers exceptional support as you hustle on the court. The material and make is why this shoe is worth it for all seasons!


  • Contains a midfoot band for added stability
  • Lightweight cushion for comfort and agility
  • Secure fitting lacing
  • Breathable material
  • Exceptional ankle support
  • Feels great on the court


  • Lightweight cushion is too light to provide impact support
  • Interior padding might be a problem for wide feet

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James Harden’s collaborations always result in something exceptionally creative, which is what we see here. Even though the cushioning on this shoe wasn’t a hit, the other design considerations outweigh that one negative. The lightweight shoe and low-top design offer great support for various motion changes, while the secure lacing makes for a secure fit!

4. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Beita has been in the market of making shoes since 1991, and all those years of experience have been translated into their exceptional shoe designs. These high upper basketball shoes consist of a low-top design so that you have the right ankle support as you move around the court.

The top of the shoe consists of delicate, waterproof PU leather that helps to aerate the inside of the shoes and prevent sweaty, stinky feet. It has a ground-gripping rubber sole with a meshy design to prevent you from slipping as you work on the court. The PU leather is suitable for spring, autumn, winter, and summer.

On the inside of the shoe is a molded heel for an excellent fit and great structure. The shoe comes in different color combinations, so you can pick the combos you like!


  • Anti-slip soles
  • Breathable
  • Great for all weather conditions
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Water-resistant PU leather material
  • Excellent color combinations


  • Don’t come in a shoebox

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Beita isn’t a popular brand which makes it easy for people to overlook its shoes, but they have been making shoes for three decades. These shoes are breathable, comfortable, and provide excellent grip. The shoes are also great for all weather conditions!

5. New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0

These New Balance shoes were designed with lacrosse players in mind. Lacrosse players make sharp cuts as they run, so they need ample ankle and anti-slip protection so that they don’t slip and fall on the field.

The shoe’s material comes with engineered mesh and synthetic material that will secure your feet as you play. The material is also airy to increase your foot’s breathability.

When it comes to its interior, the shoe’s inner sole is thickly cushioned with full-length fresh foam so that you’re comfortable. The sole is tough and patterned to increase the shoe’s grip on the field, preventing dangerous slips and offering support to players’ feet and ankles.

The sole was designed with lugs that mimic a lacrosse player’s movements to maximize their comfort as they play. To ensure that your shoe remains intact during these games, New Balance has attached the shoe with durable glue.


  • Secure engineered mesh to support lacrosse movements
  • Tough, secure outsole for good grip
  • Fresh foam cushioning for comfort
  • Comfortable fool bootie tongue


  • Can be hard to get on because of its small opening
  • Improper tongue placement

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This is a great shoe for lacrosse players as it offers secure cushioning and flexible outer material for safety and comfort. It also has a tough sole for good grip on the field!

NBA Players and Shoes

NBA players are usually obsessed with their shoe game, probably because they rely heavily on their footwork. Since they are always on their feet, basketball players look for a mix of comfort, lightness, support, and airy material.

An NBA player will probably wear a pair of shoes for four to twenty runs on average and, most of the time, they prefer to customize their shoes depending on what they’re looking to achieve on the court.

Signature Shoe Lines

Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Kyrie Irving, and Kobe Bryant are among a shortlist of NBA players that have delved into signature shoes. Getting a signature shoe deal is one of the biggest recognitions an NBA player can get, aside from the recognition of winning an MVP award or winning a championship.

These players even partner with brands such as Nike, Jordan Brand, Adidas, and Bandulu to create these popular sneakers. Nike is well-known to partner with players such as LeBron James, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant to make these runs. Most times, these players consult with the brands during the design phase.

Aside from big brand deals, players such as Fred VanVleet partnered with Li-Ning, a Chinese brand. Then there are other small brands such as FILA and 361 degrees that are fighting for their place in the signature shoe business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do NBA Players Create Shoe Deals?

The first step for NBA players is finding out where they got drafted and whether the area is home to a signature apparel brand like Nike, Adidas, or James Brand. Over time, players choose which product or thing they want to put their name on.

They’ll usually consider what the brand stands for and the benefits from the endorsement. Whichever brand offers the best deal will get its product endorsed by the player.

Do All NBA Players Get a Signature Shoe Deal?

Players can get different deals, not necessarily a signature shoe deal, and they can get merchandise deals or cash deals with colorways as well. A merchandise deal means that a player has access to a signature apparel brand’s merchandise that they can then distribute to anyone.

These players can also gain access to special bonuses. Over time, a merchandising deal can turn into a cash deal that can then escalate further into players getting their branding on other companies’ merchandise.

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Basketball Shoe?

You need to consider a few things before buying a basketball shoe. First, look for comfort in impact absorption, shoe size, and weight. Don’t forget to look into the shoe’s material. The best shoe cover should be porous so that your feet can breathe.

If they fit well, look for the best sole inside and out. The next thing basketball players look for is ankle support because jumping up and down has the potential to sprain or break your ankle. Choosing the right shoe fit will also enhance your comfort level!

What’s the Difference Between an Indoor and Outdoor Court?

Basketball courts come in two forms: indoor and outdoor. These ports are different in several ways. Outdoor courts tend to be rougher than indoor courts, and this may or may not influence a player’s performance. Outdoor courts are made from concrete or asphalt, while indoor courts are mostly made from hardwood.

There’s a higher chance of you getting hurt when playing outdoors, especially if your shoes lack the necessary traction.

Final Thoughts

It seems like there has been a burst of creativity ever since the NBA changed its color restrictions on players’ sneakers. Before this signature shoe craze, sneakers were mostly black or white with a little bit of color.

Players now have the chance to go wild with color and design, and they’ve certainly taken advantage of it. We hope that this list of what shoes NBA players wear helps you pick out the best pair for you!

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